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Accelerated Degree Programs

Albertus Magnus strives to provide its students with knowledge and skills built upon a holistic foundation in preparation for assuming significant roles in in life. Join over one thousand students throughout the state of Connecticut who are currently earning their college degrees through Albertus Magnus College.

Undergraduate Degrees and Concentrations

Associate's Degrees

  • Business Management
  • Liberal Studies

Bachelor's Degrees

What will your Albertus experience be?

Adult degree programs at Albertus Magnus offer you the flexibility to earn the degree you seek in the format that best fits your busy schedule and lifestyle. All programs are accelerated. At Albertus, you customize your learning experience - while we support your success! Your enrollment advisor will guide you through your options, which include:

  • A team-based format that follows a preset sequence of courses, in which students complete one course at a time for the duration of the program. Courses are typically 5-6 weeks long.
  • A modular format that allows you to choose up to two courses to complete during each 8-week module.
  • Programs also feature these delivery options:
    • Fully online
    • Blended format (combination of on-ground and online delivery)
    • Face-to-face at a location near you


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