Undergraduate Degree Program

Insight: Albertus Magnus' Core Curriculum

Pursuing your education at Albertus Magnus College puts you on the path to success in a career, in graduate school, in your community and in your life.

Your solid foundation starts with the Insight Program, AMC’s core curriculum, required of all undergraduate day students. Insight builds a solid thinking framework you’ll use throughout your life as you grow in understanding yourself and the world and prepare to lead a life that is socially responsible, as well as personally and professionally fulfilling.

With Insight, you’ll continue on the path toward realizing your full human potential as you

  • Deepen your capacity to appreciate, interpret and evaluate works of art and the written word
  • Cultivate and practice effective written and oral communication
  • Enhance your critical and creative thinking skills
  • Learn methods of scientific, quantitative, mathematical and philosophical reasoning
  • Develop your capacity for moral reflection by formulating and effectively addressing ethical questions
  • Appreciate perspectives that are different from your own
  • Acquire the ability to engage in responsive dialogue within a global context

Insight Program Structure
Laying the Foundations for Insight — first year program

  • The First Year Humanities Seminar (6 credits)
  • Written Expression (6 credits)

Designated 3-credit courses in each of these disciplines:

  • Art, Communications, Drama or Music
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences

Assembling Disciplinary Expertise and Amassing Cultural Insight — sophomore and junior years
Designated 3-credit courses in each of these disciplines:

  • Literature
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies
  • Social Sciences

Making Room for Others and Acquiring Insight through Dialogue — junior and senior years
Three 3-credit designated courses in three different disciplines

What It Means to Inhabit the World Today, to Flourish as a Human Being in Service to Self and Others
Senior Humanities Seminar

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