Course: Personality Structure and Dynamics (PY-532-1) 

Exploration of major theories of personality, with emphasis on the psychodynamic approaches most influential among mental health professionals generally and art therapists in particular. The classical psychoanalytic driveconflict model, the ego analytic defenseadaptation model, relational approaches (e.g., interpersonal and object relations schools), Jungian, humanisticexistential, and cognitivebehavioral approaches will be considered. Students are required to read primary sources and evaluate the influence of those theories on clinical thinking. In addition, there will be a brief review of each theorist's biography in its historical context and how the prevailing intellectual climate of that era shaped the formulation of each theory. 3 credits

Faculty:Credit: Day/Time:Pre-Regs:
Mazen3LEC 5:30 PM 7:50 PM

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