Course: World Politics (PO-111-1) 

World Politics investigates the origins and structure of contemporary governmental institutions and the different forms that political activity takes in the early 21st century. In this introductory-level course, we will examine how the modern state came to be, how different governments are organized, and what contemporary problems are transforming traditional notions of politics and the role of governments. We will explore defining issues in world politics including, among others, democratization, political economy, governmental design, courts and constitutions, participation, and violence in politics. Case studies of countries will be used to illustrate differing political systems and their relationship to each country's history and culture. General education choice for Part B. 3 credits

Faculty:Credit: Day/Time:Pre-Regs:
TH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
T 5:30 PM 7:50 PM

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