Course: Teaching Reading and Writing Across the (ED-320-1) 

The emphasis in this course is on the essential importance of including instruction in reading and writing in every class as a means of enabling students to understand and articulate concepts related to content area studies. By becoming familiar with current IRA Standards, as well as with the RTI (SRBI) approach to effective instruction of all students, those enrolled in the course research, observe and practice techniques and strategies to include verbal literacy as an integral part of content instruction at both the middle and high school levels. Effective differentiated instruction, including instruction for English language learners is an important component of this course. A fifteen hour field experience which consists of assisting with classroom reading and writing instruction in local schools is one component of this course. Offered annually in fall. 3 credits

Faculty:Credit: Day/Time:Pre-Regs:
Venditto3LEC 3:25 PM 4:40 PM

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