Course: Internship (CO-380-1) 

Communications Internships offer the opportunity for students to be placed at professional, media related sites in either the profit or not-for-profit sectors. These on-the-job experiences allow students to gain "real world" experience and skills while earning college credit. Internships are unpaid unless specifically required by the site offering the internship. Internships in Communications require that the student complete 40 hours of site service for every credit received for the experience. Students must complete a contract that is secured from the Academic Practica and Internship Coordinator. This contract must be signed and approved by the Chair of the Department of Communications, the site supervisor, and the student engaged in the internship. A copy of this completed contract must be given to all of the above and an additional copy filed with the Office of Academic Affairs. All contracts must be approved,signed and submitted to the above on or before the last day to AddDrop a class for that particular semester or mod. Failure to meet this deadline may result in an automatic withdrawal from being registered for the Internship.

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