Course: Photojournalism (CO-237-1) 

Photojournalism introduces the student to the informational, persuasive, and entertainment roles that still images play in modern newspapers and magazines. This course will examine narrative, documentary, and aesthetic images. Students will address the following questions: What is photojournalism and how has it evolved? What direction(s) is photojournalism headed? What are the proper roles for the photojournalist? How do images bias the content of editorial copy? How and why do photojournalism and an individual's right to privacy find themselves in conflict? What is the role of the Photo Editor? How can images emote, captivate, motivate, amuse, inspire, or tell a story in the context of print publications? What ethical questions does photo manipulation present for the practicing photojournalist? In addition to exploring these and other questions, students will critically review the work of past and present photojournalists, and they will create original images as regular assignments. Students need a digital, still camera. Students should be familiar with the rudimentary operation of their photographic equipment; however, course lectures will focus at times on application and technique. This course hopes to enhance the student's visual literacy and proficiency, enlighten the student on news and photojournalism issues, and introduce the would-be practitioner to the basics of producing successful images. Generally offered yearly. 3 credits

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