Course: Introduction to Alallytical Chemistry I (CH-241-1) 

This course includes the analysis of data in analytical chemistry, basic statistics, stoichiometrytitrations, gravimetry, complexometry, electrochemistry, voltammetry and electrochemical sensors, spectrochemical techniques-atomic absorption, chromatography- theory and applications-column, TLC, GC, HPLC, ion-exchange, electrophoresis, clinical chemistry. Laboratory experiments will incorporate lecture material emphasizing data collection (and analysis) and the analytical techniques. To be taken in conjunction with lab. Some experiments may be miniprojects. P: CH 222, 222L. Lecture: 2 hours per week; Laboratory: 6 hours per week. 3 credits. CH241L 1 credit.

Faculty:Credit: Day/Time:Pre-Regs:
Hon3LEC 1:10 PM 2:00 PMCH-222 CH-222L

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