Course: E-Portfolio Lab (CC-113-2) 

All first year students are required to develop an ePortfolio that aligns College benchmrks in core skills with a formal learning experience. The ePortfolio is not simply a repository to store assignment. It is a place to reflect, critically think, draw connections and make meaning of learning. Students will use their ePortfolio to demonstrate learning over time, improve academic performance, reflect on personal strengths and weeknesses, become civic-minded, and prepare for meaningful creers. 12 credit per semester. Blended meets every other week. Students involved in the 1st year progrm and 1 credit ePortfolio lab will demonstrate the ability to meet College benchmarks in core skills including: Written Communication , Oral Communication, Critical Reading , Quantitative Reasoning , Informatin Literacy, Critical Thinking

Faculty:Credit: Day/Time:Pre-Regs:
Campbell1LEC 9:25 AM 10:25 AM

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