Accelerated Degree Programs

Core Curriculum

BE 301M PRINCIPLES OF SELF MANAGEMENT (4 weeks) 2 semester credits
Orientation for adult students returning to higher education to complete an undergraduate degree. Topics include academic program planning time management, group interaction, professional/personal growth, library resource utilization, and other items relevant to goal accomplishment in an academic setting.  

BE 303M MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP IN BUSINESS (5 weeks) 3 semester credits

Study of the management techniques of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling with an emphasis on decision making, efficiency, and effectiveness.

EN 305M WRITTEN COMMUNICATION IN BUSINESS (5 weeks) 3 semester credits

Focus on the process of communication skills that are essential for communicating successfully in organizations through the use of simulations, case studies, and application assignments.

PH 307M BUSINESS ETHICS (5 weeks) 3 semester credits

Examination of the ethical questions raised by the practice of business. Review of ethical theory as it is applied to business practice. Examination of specific cases related to corporate, social, and environment responsibility; employee rights and obligations: regulations of business, legal, and ethical standards of fair contract practices.

BE 311M ECONOMICS FOR MANAGERS l: MICROECONOMICS (5 weeks) 3 semester credits

Overview of the applications of microeconomics. Topics include supply and demand, consumer and producer choice, resource markets, earnings, investments, governmental roles, market structure, competition, and international aspects of microeconomics.

BE 308M INFORMATION SYSTEMS (5 weeks) 3 semester credits

Overview of fundamentals of information systems and their role in the organization. Emphasis on organizational and technical foundations of computer-based information systems, tools, techniques, and approaches to systems analysis and design, security issues, data administration, and project management. BE 312M ECONOMICS FOR MANAGERS ll:

MACROECONOMICS (5 weeks) 3 semester credits
Overview of the applications of macroeconomics. Topics include classical and Keynesian theory; business cycles, inflation, unemployment, government deficit spending, the global economy, GDP, fiscal and monetary policy, and the banking system.

BE 315M MARKETING FOR MANGERS (5 weeks) 3 semester credits

Study of organization planning and implementation process of product, promotion, price, and channels of distribution as it strives to satisfy market needs. Emphasis on factors affecting consumer behavior, development of marketing strategies.


Survey of descriptive statistic with emphasis on practical applications of statistical analysis. Examination of the role of statistics in research, statistical terminology, the appropriate use of statistical techniques, and the interpretation of statistical findings in business and business research, and recognition of marketing variables.

BE 323M HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (5 weeks) 3 semester credits

Study of the function of Human Resource Management in the vital role of effectively utilizing people to meet organizational objectives. Exploration of planning personnel needs, recruiting and selecting employees, training and developing the work force, performance evaluation, compensation, and labor management relations.

BE 309M THE FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING l (5 weeks) 3 semester credits

Presentation of the concepts, principles, and applications of accounting information that serves as the foundation of economically sound business management.


Continuation of BE 309. Examination of the acquisition, analysis, and reporting of accounting information form the perspective of effective management decision-making. Special emphasis placed on long-term investment and financial statement analysis.

BE 327M BUSINESS LAW (5 weeks) 3 semester credits

Examination, analysis and application of the nature, formation, and system of law in the United States to the modern business environment.

BE 325M CORPORATE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (5 weeks) 3 semester credits

Analysis of financing, valuation, and organization of business firms. Topics include: financial analysis, capital budgeting, valuation of corporate assets, investment decision under conditions of uncertainty, long and short-term sources of funds, optimal financial structure, the cost of capital, dividend policy, working capital, management mergers, leveraged buyouts, and bankruptcy and reorganization.

BE 329M INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (5 weeks) 3 semester credits

Survey of economic, political, and social environment of international business and the management and international dimensions of traditional business operations. Emphasis on economic activity and its relationship between the multinational corporation and its host country, and the establishment of international business operations.

BE 319M LEADERSHIP IN QUALITY IMPROVEMENT (3 weeks) 2 semester credits

Overview of how organizations, using various approaches to quality and value management, can create and sustain value for customers and maintain an effective organization in a competitive environment. Focus is on the role of leadership in committing to quality and value management as a “way of being” in the organization, and also reviews the history of the quality/value paradigm and explores some of the more recent tools for quality improvement such as Six Sigma.

BE 332M STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND POLICY (6 weeks) 4 semester credits

Exploration of the concepts and techniques for effective strategic thinking. An integrative case-oriented business capstone course designed to exercise the analytic skills learners have acquired in previous course work and to develop and exercise learners’ skills in critical thinking within the context of complex and ambiguous decision-making environments.

BE 396M BUSINESS CASE PROJECT l (5 weeks) 3 semester credits

Capstone of all learning experience marshaled by students in the Bachelor’s program. Requires the use of those experiences in the creation, development, and writing of a business case study on an issue or problem related to a student’s business experience or career. Case study will focus on area of interest or concentration chosen by student such as Human Resources, Marketing, or Management and will require the writing of a substantial formal case study.

BE 397M BUSINESS CASE PROJECT ll (2 weeks) 1 semester credit

Presentation and defense of student’s capstone business case study written in BE 396M. Student will refine and polish all the presentation and speaking skills developed in the Bachelor’s Degree Program.

What will your Albertus experience be?

Accelerated degree programs at Albertus Magnus offer you the flexibility to earn the degree you seek in the format that best fits your busy schedule and lifestyle. All programs are accelerated. At Albertus, you customize your learning experience - while we support your success! Your enrollment advisor will guide you through your options, which include:

  • A team-based format that follows a preset sequence of courses, in which students complete one course at a time for the duration of the program. Courses are typically 5-6 weeks long.
  • A modular format that allows you to choose up to two courses to complete during each 8-week module.

Programs also feature these delivery options:

  • Fully online
  • A blended format (combination of on-ground and online delivery)
  • Face-to-face at a location near you

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