History of Experiential Learning Day

ELD has grown out of two traditional Albertus Magnus annual events that celebrate experiential learning, the Student Research Poster Session (formerly known as the Student Research Symposium) and the Practicum and Internship Awards Ceremony. The history of these events are described below.

Student Research Poster Session History

In the spring of 2007 a small group of faculty formed the Faculty Council on Student Research with the aim of promoting collaborative research experiences for students and faculty. The first annual poster session was scheduled in 2008 as a way to celebrate the research that students at Albertus Magnus are doing with faculty, and to model this form of learning for other students so that they realize these opportunities exist. The poster session was originally named the Student Research Symposium and the name was changed in 2010. Each year 12-17 students representing all programs at Albertus Magnus have presented, including undergraduates in the Day Program, ADP, and New Dimensions (anthropology, art therapy, biology, education, humanities, and psychology), and graduate students in Art Therapy, Leadership, Liberal Studies, and MBA programs.

Practicum and Internship Awards Ceremony History

The first annual Internship Appreciation Reception was scheduled in 2009 to recognize outstanding students who participated in either spring or fall 2008 practicum/internship experiences, had excellent evaluations from their site supervisors, and perhaps performed above and beyond expectation. Nine students were selected as 2008-2009 Practicum & Internship Students of the Year. Additionally, two sites were formally recognized as Community Partners of the Year for their long standing and strong relationship with the College. These sites were committed to experiential education, provided conscientious training and on-going supervision and offered mentorship to their interns.

In 2010 the name of the event was changed to Experiential Learning Day. Faculty, students and community partners were honored for their excellence and dedication to experiential education. At the event, student practicum/internship and service-learning projects were showcased. Eight students were recognized as the 2009-2010 Practicum & Internship Students of the Year and two sites as Community Partners of the Year.